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What are your Goals?

  • Lose excess weight?
  • Build muscle/bone strength?
  • Balance your metabolism?
  • Get more sleep?
  • Relieve digestive issues?
  • Improve stability and balance?
  • Decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression?


What you Can Expect

We start with an in depth consultation to review your health history, and discuss challenges that you are having. We will then focus on goal setting, creating new, healthy habits, and developing small, incremental changes.

In our follow-up sessions we will revisit your goals to see how you are progressing, work through any road-blocks, and celebrate your accomplishments.

At the end of each session, you will be given 2-3 action steps to incorporate into your life, as well as any additional resources I feel will assist you in reaching your goals.

My Program

  • An initial fitness and nutrition evaluation and assessment
  • A personalized plan to reach your health and fitness goals
  • An appropriately designed exercise program based on your needs, goals and current level of fitness
  • A step-by-step food guide and meal plan to help you look and feel your best
  • Recipe ideas based on your dietary needs and lifestyle
  • Handouts and books that will increase your health and fitness knowledge


Individual sessions $75